WinTV for Plex
Plex servers support Hauppauge TV tuners for live TV and DVR!

Hauppauge + Plex

Hauppauge TV tuners are now supported on Plex Pass servers for Windows and Linux

To add live TV to your Plex server:

  • Sign onto your Plex Pass account
  • Plug a supported Hauppauge TV tuner into your Plex Windows or Linux server
  • Download the latest version of Plex
  • Install the Hauppauge drivers for Windows or Linux. Linux servers can use Hauppauge's PPA for easy Linux driver installation.

You'll have Live TV and DVR for Android TV and iOS devices, plus your recorded TV shows can be watched on Amazon FireTV, NVIDIA SHIELD and other Android TV devices, Apple TV, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox, Playstation and smart TVs!

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