Support: Radio32 1.33 or later Release Notes

Radio32 includes the following features:

Improved Look and Feel including:

  • Rounded exterior frame
  • Volume control color reflects mute state
  • Double click on Vol label toggles mute
  • Works in 256 color mode
  • Context menu has presets first since it is most used.
  • Mem button now saves existing preset to new preset number or swaps with existing
  • Mem save of new value over existing preset asks first
  • Double click on Mhz or Del Key deletes current preset
  • Single click on Mhz or Ins Key adds current Frequency in next unused Preset if unique
  • New color scheme
  • New display style

Minimize to tray; left click restores app, right click accesses context menu

Command line params for freq or preset at startup, minimize mode, and quit

  • Users can define shortcuts using either preset numbers or frequencys to start the radio with; in addition the user can specify that the radio app will startup minimised. For example: "radio.exe /MIN97.5" would start the radio in the tray and tuned to 97.5Mhz. The app can also be started with the command line option /QUIT to make it kill any running radio app; this is very useful when running radio from a scheduler.

Mem button now saves existing preset to new preset number or swaps with existing

  • When saving presets if the target preset already exists and the current channel is also a preset then the two presets are swapped allowing the user to reorder the preset list. If the user saves a current preset to a new empty preset the the original preset is moved to the new location. If the target preset exists and the current station is NOT an existing preset then the user is prompted before destroying the existing preset.

Supports 30 User Defined Presets

  • Each Preset button holds up to 3 presets each. Press the button to go to the next preset. The Mem button cycles through FM1, FM2, and FM3 bands to specify where to save a new preset.

User defined display names for Presets

  • When the radio is tuned to a preset the user can assign a name by clciking the mouse on the frequency display and typing in a name that does not begin with a number. You can use leading spaces to "center" the name in the display. Hit Enter/Return to finish.

Saves Mono/Stereo mode per defined Preset

Internationalization Support

  • All the button text, menu items and hints can be redefined via the registry for languages other than English. No language translations are currently defined, but the registry file settings are provided if you wish to modify them yourself. Feel free to send updated Language settings to

Quick Scan to next Preset or Station via space bar

  • The space bar is equivalent to pushing the Scan button twice; it goes to either the next Preset or next station as defined by the current Scan Mode. In Preset mode it is very useful for quickly stepping through all user defined Presets.

Support for Local/Distant Seek mode

  • Local Seek mode causes the radio app to be more discriminating in finding stations based on signal strength.

Support for user defined tuning via IR Remote Control

  • Remote Tuning controls whether the radio treats the CH+/CH- buttons on the Remote control as Tune or Seek.

Keyboard Control of the radio app:

Key Functions
F1-F10 Preset 1-10
Num 0,1-9 Preset 1-10
F11/12 Tune Up/Down as defined by Remote Tuning Mode
INS Add current station as preset if not already defined as preset
DEL Remove existing Preset
Pg Up/Dn

Volume Up/Down

+/- Tune Up/Down
Home Seek Up
End Seek Down
Space Scan to next Preset or Station as defined in Scan Mode
O Toggle Mono/Stereo Mode
M Toggle Mute
N Minimize Radio
T Goto TV
C Goto CD Player
E Exit Radio (OFF)
S Toggle Scan Mode
R Toggle Mem state


Context Menu (accessed via right click on application or Tray Icon) to select Options and quick selection of Preset.