Cordcutter TV

Dual network tuner for Wi-Fi with dual built-in transcoders

New feature: scheduled recording through the USB port on Cordcutter TV. Available through Hauppauge support at no charge.


Cordcutter TV - high performance network TV tuner with Wi-Fi and dual transcoders

For phones, tablets and media players: watch live over-the-air ATSC or clear QAM on your iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, or AppleTV, Roku or Amazon FireTV

Dual network TV tuners with Wi-Fi and high performance transcoders for best operation with mobile phones and tablets

Plug a USB thumb drive into Cordcutter TV and turn Cordcutter TV into a network DVR! Or record live TV onto your phone or tablet and play back your recordings while you travel

Cordcutter TV is a Wi-Fi network TV tuner for over-the-air ATSC HD digital TV and clear QAM digital cable TV*. Cordcutter TV streams live, free over-the-air HD TV to iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets plus media players like AppleTV, Roku and FireTV. Cordcutter TV has two built-in TV receivers, so you can watch live TV on two devices from two TV channels at the same time.

Note: recording of live TV locally is only available on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets and the AppleTV.

Note: scheduled recording on Cordcutter TV requires a USB thumb drive plugged into the back of the Cordcutter TV. One hour of TV requires approximately 4 Gbytes of USB storage.

Cordcutter TV uses Hauppauge's myTV app for watching and recording live TV, for playback of TV recordings and displaying the program guide. myTV is available from the Apple or Google app store, the Amazon app store or as a Roku channel.

Dual tuners: watch live TV on two devices at the same time

Cordcutter TV has two TV tuners and two transcoders, so you can watch on two devices at the same time.

Completely wireless!

Cordcutter TV has dual band, high performance 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi built in. So you don't need any wires from your antenna to your home router. Just add an antenna, connect Cordcutter TV to your home Wi-Fi network, and start watching free HD TV on your iPhone, iPad, Android device or media player.

You can use Cordcutter TV attached to your TV antenna in one room, and stream wirelessly to your home router in another room!

Dual transcoders for the best operation with mobile devices

Save your mobile device's battery life! The built-in dual transcoders in Cordcutter TV convert over-the-air HD TV into H.264. This is the video format used by the built-in hardware acceleration in mobile devices, and reduces power consumption and extends your battery life.

Hauppauge's myTV app for TV watching, pause and recording

The Hauppauge myTV application is available on the Apple, Google and Amazon app stores for download. myTV gives you live TV and a free 24 hour channel guide.

Watch live over-the-air ATSC HD TV and clear QAM digital cable TV

ATSC is free HD TV

ATSC is free over-the-air digital HDTV standard for North America and typically requires an antenna for reception. There is no monthly fee for ATSC HD TV.

Clear QAM is digital cable TV

Clear QAM allows users to watch unencrypted HDTV stations from cable TV without a set-top box. Clear QAM does require a cable TV subscription. Clear QAM TV is not available on all cable networks, so check with your local cable TV operator for clear QAM availability.

Cordcutter TV Features

  • Live TV over Wi-Fi for phones, tablets and media players. Stream live TV to iPads, iPhones and Android phones and tablets. Stream live HD TV to Roku, Amazon FireTV and Apple TV
  • Dual ATSC and clear QAM receivers in one small box. Stream two TV channels to two devices at once
  • Completely wireless! Cordcutter TV connects to your router over 2.5Ghz or 5Ghz Wi-Fi. Completely wireless from your antenna to your router!
  • Two built-in hardware transcoders. High performance transcoders 'shrink' live TV into an optimized form for streaming over Wi-Fi to your phone, tablet or media player
  • Download our ‘myTV’ app from the Apple, Amazon or Google app stores. myTV allows you to watch and pause live HD TV on your phone or tablet over your home Wi-Fi network. Easy Wi-Fi setup with our myTV iPad/iPhone or Android app

Cordcutter TV Specifications

TV watching application

  • myTV, a simple to use app for the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets plyus media players like the Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV

Technical specifications

Dual Tuners

  • Supported TV standards:
    • ATSC HD TV
    • Clear QAM digital cable TV*
  • Antenna input: F connector


  • 2.5 or 5Ghz WiFi networks
  • 2x2 MIMO


  • Dual MPEG-2 to H.264 transcoders. The H.264 format is support by Apple and Android as the native video format and uses hardware accelerated playback

System Requirements

  • TV antenna for ATSC over-the-air HD TV. Or cable TV with clear QAM*
  • Home router with 2.5 or 5 Ghz Wi-Fi. Ethernet connection optional.
  • A compatible phone, tablet or media player. Cordcutter TV works with:
    • iPad, iPhone or Apple TV with OS 7.1 or later
    • Android: Android tablet or smartphone with a 1 GHz or faster dual-core ARM CPU and Android 4.0.3 (“ice cream sandwich”) or later, plus a processor with NEON support (e.g. Tegra3)
    • Amazon: FireTV, Kindle Fire (2nd generation), KindleFireHD
    • Samsung Galaxy: Note, Note II, Note 3, SII, SIII, S4, S5, S IIImini, S4 mini, Tab2, Tab 38.0
    • Google: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10
    • Roku

Note: You need an iOS or Android device for the initial setup of Cordcutter TV.

*Note: Not all cable TV networks send clear QAM channels. Please check with your local cable operator for the availability of clear QAM digital cable TV

Cordcutter TV Model Number

model 01653: Cordcutter TV with two sets of ATSC and clear QAM receivers. Dual transcoders. Wi-Fi support: 2.5/5Ghz. Ethernet port. USB and SD card slots. F connector for ATSC over-the-air antenna or clear QAM cable TV.

Included in the box

  • Cordcutter TV with dual ATSC/QAM tuners and dual transcoders
  • Power supply: 5v 2a
  • Quick Installation Guide

Cordcutter TV Frequently Asked Questions

I want to connect Cordcutter TV with WiFi. Which WiFi do you recommend?

While the Cordcutter TV can use WiFi standards 802.11g, 802.11n or 802.11ac (or faster), you are better off if your network is 802.11n or faster. The Cordcutter only needs about 10Mbits/sec per TV channel using the dual transcoders. With 2 channels streaming to the router and from the router at the same time, you are using close to 50% of the available 'bandwidth' of 802.11g. But 802.11n has 10x the speeds compared with 802.11g and should easily handle two live TV channels.

I am seeing a bad signal on my iPad. What can I do to fix this?

A bad picture can be caused by several things. The first thing to check is your WiFi speed. If you read the FAQ above, you will see that while Cordcutter TV can support 802.11g, we recommend 802.11n or faster networks. We use an 802.11g router at Hauppauge for testing, and most times it works well until several people are using the WiFi network, at which time the myTV picture becomes pixelated. We recommend 802.11n or faster for best results.

The next thing to check is your antenna: if you have bad reception on your antenna, you will not get a good picture with the myTV app.

Last, you can adjust the Quality of the Cordcutter TV wireless transmission in the myTV app. From the main menu, click Settings and then Video Quality. Thee are three settings: HD Plus, HD and SD. HD Plus uses about 15Mbits/sec of your WiFi network, HD uses 8Mbits/sec and SD uses 4Mbits/sec. You might need to reduce the Video Quality to SD if you are having video picture problems. SD will still give you a great TV picture since it is transcoded.

I want to add a second device to Cordcutter TV. How do I do this?

You can mix and match devices with Cordcutter TV (for example an iPhone plus an Android tablet). The only limits are that you can only have two devices streaming from Cordcutter TV at the same time and all devices need to be on the same WiFi network.

To connect a second device, download the Hauppauge myTV app on the second device from your app store and install it. Open the app. You might see a message No device found. If you see this message, wait a few minutes for the myTV app to search your WiFi network for a Cordcutter TV. As long as your new device is on the same WiFi network as the first device and Cordcutter TV, they will 'find' each other.

Once you see Hauppauge Cordcutter TV listed under Device, you can now hit 'Scan Channels'. Once the scan is complete, you can hit 'Back' and go to Live TV to watch TV.

Please note: all devices connected to your Cordcutter TV must to be on the same WiFi network.

How many devices can I connect to Cordcutter TV?

There is no limit to how many devices you can setup with Cordcutter TV, but you can only use two at a time. So, you can have many iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and phones plus AppleTV and Amazon FireTV.

But once you have two devices connected to Cordcutter TV and watching live TV, the next device you try to watch TV on will get a message 'All tuners are in use'.

How can I record live TV on my device?

When you open the myTV app on your iPhone, iPad or Android tablet or phone, put the device in 'landscape' mode (video running left to right). Tap your screen once and you will see the channel you are on and below the channel name and number, you will see a Pause/Skip Left/ Skip Right icons. The the right of these icons is a circle. Click the circle to start recording. The circle will turn red. Click again to stop recording.

On an Android device, these recordings are kept in the Internal Storage -> Movies -> Recordings. You can play them from the myTV app or you can play them from Internal Storage. On the iPhone/iPad, you can only play the videos from the myTV app.

Note: you cannot currently record on the AppleTV, Amazon FireTV or other devices. Stay tuned as we expand the recording capabilities in the future.

Can I pause and record video in portrait mode (a vertical screen)?

No. You can only see the pause, record, rewind, fast forward controls when you are in landscape mode.

Can I watch Cordcutter TV while I'm outside my house?

Currently, Cordcutter TV only works on WiFi. So, if you are at your swimming pool and are in WiFi range, you can watch Cordcutter TV. But if you are out of the WiFi range, you cannot watch TV from Cordcutter.

Adding streaming out of the house is on our list of things to add in 2018 and will be a software update.

How do I upgrade Cordcutter TV?

Cordcutter TV has two parts, the 'firmware' inside the Cordcutter TV device and the myTV app which runs on your phone, tablet or media player. Hauppauge is continually upgrading the features and functions of Cordcutter TV, so we recommend you periodically update both the Cordcutter TV firmware and the myTV app

To upgrade the firmware inside Cordcutter TV, open the myTV app on your Android device or iPhone/iPad. Go to Settings. Under Device you will see Firmware Update. Hit this and you will be brought to a screen where there is a button which says Check for firmware update. Hit this button and you will be notified if there is a new firmware which you should install.

For beta releases of firmware, where Hauppauge adds features which might not be 'ready for prime time', we have a manual way to upgrade the Cordcutter TV firmware. Please see for instructions.

To upgrade your myTV app, simply go the your app store (the Apple app store, the Google Play store or Amazon FireTV store) and download the app. Hauppauge always puts the latest app on the appropriate stores.

When I scan for QAM channels, I get more than 100 channels. But I can only watch TV on about 60. What am I doing wrong?

You are not doing anything wrong. Cable operators use QAM for both 'free' and 'encrypted' channels. Normally the free channels are ATSC channels which are rebroadcast unprotected on their cable networks. In addition, your cable operator may broadcast QAM TV such as local news, home shopping and other channels which might be interesting to consumers.

Hauppauge tries to remove the encrypted channels during the myTV QAM channel scan, but we have found that not all of the encrypted channels can be detected. So you might find that some of the channels listed after a QAM scan are encrypted and you will not see a TV picture.

Note: not all cable operators in North America transmit clear QAM TV. So check with your local cable operator for clear QAM availability.

Is Cordcutter TV compatible with the FireTV stick?

Maybe. While Cordcutter TV is compatible with all FireTV boxes, some early FireTV sticks were not fast enough to run the Cordcutter TV streaming live TV. If you have a question on your FireTV stick, please contact us at and we will research your FireTV stick version and let you know if it will work.

Is there any security with Cordcutter TV?

Yes. Security is done through your WiFi password.

In order to be able to get TV video from a Cordcutter TV in your home, you need to know the password of your WiFi router. Devices like phones and tablets which do not know your WiFi password will not be able to 'log on' to Cordcutter TV.

I'm getting a message "No Content" on my phone when trying to watch TV. What is wrong?

The message "No Content" can be caused by two problems: a WiFi network problem or poor TV reception.

If your WiFi router gets bogged down with too much traffic, the myTV app cannot get video from the Cordcutter TV. When this happens, the myTV app will display the "No Content" message. To fix this, you might need to reset your router or upgrade to a faster router. If you are using a WiFi router based on 802.11g, consider upgraing to 802.11 "n" or faster.

You might also get a 'No Content' message if your TV antenna is not getting a strong signal.

Can I have multiple Cordcutter TVs on my Wi-Fi network at home?

Yes. All you need to do is setup each Cordcutter TV one at a time, just as you would if you only had one. The myTV app will ‘discover’ all of the Cordcutter TVs seen on your network and will list them in Settings -> Devices.

You can select the Cordcutter TV in Settings -> Select Device

If you would like to know which Cordcutter TV is which, in 'Devices' tap one 'Hauppauge Cordcutter TV', then look at 'Info' and then look at 'Serial Number'. You will see the corresponding serial number on the bottom of the Cordcutter TV (you’ll need to convert from Hex to Decimal).

I'd like to use the DVR feature in Cordcutter TV. How many hours of TV recordings can I get on my USB thumb drive?

There are three quality levels of recordings you can select with the Cordcutter TV DVR: Very High, High and Medium. Very High is 1920x1080, High is 1280x720 and Medium 960x720.

Very High DVR recordings on the Cordcutter TV take about 4 GBytes per hour of TV. So, a 64Gb thumb drive will store about 16 hours of TV. A 128Gb thumb drive will hold 32 hours of TV recordings.

The DVR feature requires Cordcutter TV firmware 411 or later and Android app version 2.30 or later, or iOS app 2.31 or later.

I scheduled a recording on Cordcutter TV, but when I went to play it, it wasn't there. What did I do wrong?

If you see the recording listed in Scheduled Recordings, it should record. But if your recording is not listed in Recordings, there are a couple of things which might have gone wrong:

  • your USB thumb drive is no longer plugged in (one user accidentally plugged his thumb drive into the Ethernet port. This will not work)
  • your USB thumb drive is full
  • there is no TV tuner available (you might have the myTV app running on one of your phones, tablets or media players, and they are using the TV tuner to get guide data, for example). To make sure, close the myTV app on all of your devices and then try to record again.
  • if you have a Mac and formatted the USB thumb drive using NTFS, make sure that All Users have read/write access to the USB thumb drive. The Mac often sets All Users to Read Only, which will NOT record. If you see this, the best thing to do is reformat your USB thumb drive on a PC using NTFS. Windows does not automatically assign different read/write rights to different classes of users.

Cordcutter TV for Apple TV

The myTV app for the Apple TV can be found on the Apple TV store (search for 'Hauppauge Cordcutter'). This app will allow you to watch and record ATSC and QAM TV from the Cordcutter TV.

Here is a video showing the installation of Cordcutter TV on an AppleTV.

Cordcutter TV for Roku

The Cordcutter TV channel for Roku can be found here. This channel will allow you to watch ATSC and QAM TV from the Cordcutter TV.

To add the Cordcutter TV channel to your Roku, in a browser you need to go to the above link and log into your Roku account. You will be asked if you want to add the myTV channel. Click 'Yes' and the Hauppauge myTV channel will be added to your Roku list of channels.

If you have any questions on the Roku channel, please contact us at

Cordcutter TV Manuals

Cordcutter TV QuickInstall Guide

Cordcutter TV Videos

Cordcutter TV playing recorded videos on an iPhone
Cordcutter TV - Scheduled Recordings on Android
Watch Cordcutter TV stream to an iPad and Android tablet at the same time!
The initial Cordcutter TV setup from Android
Using Cordcutter TV for QAM TV on an iPad
Cordcutter TV for the AppleTV
Cordcutter TV - making a wired Ethernet connection to your router
Cordcutter TV setup with QAM on an iPad