Support: Broadway

Latest Broadway firmware updates

Note: Broadway firmware updates should be done from a PC or Mac.

Broadway firware version 3.3.1424

Broadway version 3.3.1343

File name: broadway_v3.3.1424_2014-10-23.bin
File size: 7.2 MB
Date: October 23, 2014


What's new in Broadway version 3.3.1424?

  • Bug fix for Internet Explorer 11
  • Broadway Triple HD support (DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C TV formats for Europe)
  • Improved Login
  • Improved instant recording
  • iOS 8 support
  • Satellite TV unicable support (for the Broadway HD S2 model)
  • Android: Video player choice for H.264 profiles
  • Wizard updates in browser UI
  • Improved tuning tables
  • ISO-8859-2 and ISO-8859-15 charsets added
  • Bugfixes for failed recordings, standby mode and for streaming from a Broadway without internet connection

Installation instructions

  • Note: Do not disconnect the power supply while updating the firmware!
  • Download the firmware to a PC or Mac which is connected to the same network router as your Broadway. Unzip this file to a directory you will remember.
  • Open a web browser on the PC or Mac. Type into the browser's address field to get to Broadway's main menu.
  • In Broadway, click on the Admin tab and then Maintenance.
  • In the Firmware section, click the Browse button. Navigate to the downloaded new firmware file.
  • Click the Update button.
  • When the firmware update is complete, Broadway will reboot automatically.
  • You might need to refresh your browser settings to enter Broadway after you update the firmware.
    In Windows Explorer, click Tools/Internet Options/Browsing history and click Delete and then delete Temporary Internet files.
    In Firefox, click Tools/Options/Privacy and click 'clear your recent history' and select 'Cache' and then click Clear Now.
  • After you updated your Broadway with this new firmware, please go back to the factory settings via the Broadway tab, Configuration/Maintenance/Factory Defaults =>”Restore”. Please note that your personal settings including your TV channel lists will all be deleted.


None at this time.

How to record TV with Broadway

  • After you have scanned for channels or have set up the IR blaster with a set top box, plug in a USB thumb drive onto any of the USB ports on Broadway (there are three USB ports you can use).
  • Go to Admin and select Storage. You can select the USB thumb drive to record your TV programs onto.
    Note: your USB thumb drive needs to be formatted as Fat32. If it is not formatted as FAT32, it will need to be re-formatted.
  • Once you have selected the USB thumb drive for recordings, you can either go to Live TV and click on the red Record button to start a one-touch recording, or you can go to the Record tab and add a scheduled recording by clicking the '+' button.
  • If you use one-touch recording, to stop a recording you need to click the stop button twice.
  • To play back a recording, go to Recordings and choose a recorded TV program.

Broadway and Android devices

Since Adobe has recently discontinued Flash support for Android, Broadway needed to implement a different mechanism to support media streaming. Technically we are now using HTML 5.0 video tag (MPEG Transport stream + H.264 video), which is a mandatory feature for Android versions > 3.0.

If you have a Flash plugin already installed on your Android device, your Broadway will continue to work. If you have a new Android device you may not be able to install a flash plugin anymore. In this case our new approach might help. Please refer to the list below for playback compatibility:

  • Android version 2.1 (Eclair) and lower: not compatible to Broadway
  • Android version 2.2 (Froyo) - version 4.0 (ICS): Adobe Flash player/plug-in required. If you can't access the Flash Player download via the Google Play Store, please try via
  • Android version 4.1 (Jelly Bean): HTML-5 support; no Adobe Flash player/plug-in available

Although Broadway is fully compliant to Google's specification for Android media streaming, we have found some devices are not compliant and therefore will not work with Broadway (yet). Please send us a note in cases your device is not streaming video correctly. You might also send us a short note if your device is working well. We really appreciate your feedback!

Can Broadway work with Kindle Fire?

Yes, but you need to deactivate “Silk” browsing on your device and it will work. Otherwise it will crash. This appears to be a bug in the Kindle Fire Internet browser.

How many people can watch TV from Broadway at a time?

Broadway can "stream" live TV to one person at a time.

I am having trouble getting Broadway to work outside the home with a changing Dynamic IP address. Can you give me some hints?

Our "" server provides a special service to Broadway users with changing ("dynamic") IP address. notices when the IP address changes and corrects the link from outside your home to your Broadway. It's a free service and makes dedicated services such as Dyn DNS ( superfluous.
So how does it work?
Let's say you have an iPad and want to watch live TV over the Internet from your home Broadway. When the port forwarding is done, the set-up is very simple:

  • 1) Connect your iPad to your wireless network at home. Your Broadway needs to be connected to the same network/router - either wired or wireless.
  • 2) Go to on your iPad with your Safari mobile browser. Type in the PIN to enter the Broadway menu.
  • 3) Push the question mark button in the upper right corner (in the latest software version, it's an "i" info button)
  • 4) Click "Create bookmark page" in the appearing Broadway overview and set a bookmark to the following page
  • 5) Disable Wi-Fi on your iPad and go to the created bookmark via 3G to make sure that you can access your Broadway over the Internet.
Click here for a link to the corresponding chapter of the user's manual to illustrate the set-up.

Can I use WEP encryption when configuring the Broadway for wireless setup?

No the broadway only supports WPA encryption.

I can't get the list of channels on my iPhone or iPad, but can on a desktop or other apple product.

Please check that Private Browsing is not turned on. Go to settings on your Apple device and click on Safari and check the Private browsing setting is off.

How do I configure the Broadway for use with a remote computer?

Click here to download instructions