Hauppauge A/V Cable

DIN style round for Component Video and stereo audio

A/V Cable - DIN style round
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A/V Component Adapter cable - DIN style
Part number 6021333

DIN style (round) Component A/V cable

Component video cable for the HD PVR Rocket, Colossus 2 and new model HD PVR 2

  • Component video and stereo audio cable
  • For new model HD PVR 2's: models 157310, 157320 and 157321
    Note: you can find the model number on the bottom of your HD PVR 2
  • For all model HD PVR Rocket and Colossus 2
  • Note: part numbers 6021333 and 6021258 are interchangable
  • This cable can also be used to bring composite video into your HD recorder. Plug your Yellow composite video cable into the Hauppauge AV cable's Blue connector and, in Hauppauge Capture, set Video In to Composite.