WinTV-quadHD USB

Four HD Digital TV Tuners on USB 3.0/3.1

WinTV-quadHD USB: Watch or record up to four TV programs at a time!

WinTV-quadHD USB features:


Watch with 4 tuner Picture-in-picture

  • Four tuners for USB 3.0* Uses the new high performance USB Type C connector
  • Watch, pause or record up to four ATSC HD TV programs at the same time
  • Includes a Hauppauge remote control, with built-in IR receiver
  • Includes the WinTV v10 application, which give you TV-in-a-window or TV full screen, plus two or four tuner picture-in-picture
  • ATSC is free HD TV for the U.S. and Canada

ATSC over-the-air digital TV features:

  • ATSC is free over-the-air HD TV. ATSC is broadcast in the US and Canada, and does not require a subscription. ATSC is HD and FREE!
  • WinTV-quadHD has four ATSC over-the-air digital TV tuners. Supports all ATSC formats, up to the highest HD format
  • Watch, pause or record up to four ATSC digital TV programs using high quality MPEG-2. TV recordings will typically consume 5 GB of disk space per hour for ATSC high definition
  • Built-in antenna splitter allows you to make one connection to an ATSC antenna but watch and record up to 4 channels

Note: the WinTV-quadHD is for digital TV only and does not support analog TV

If you need analog TV, any one of the WinTV-HVR products (such as the WinTV-HVR-955Q) include analog TV. The HVR stands for 'hybrid video recorder' and all WinTV-HVR's have both analog and digital TV reception.

Note: WinTV-quadHD USB is designed for USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 ports. USB 2.0 is too slow and does not have enough power for four-tuner operation.

WinTV-quadHD USB Specifications

Bundled software

  • WinTV v10, the new TV application for Windows, with TV pause and recording. When used with the WinTV-quadHD, WinTV v10 also gives you the option of two or four tuner picture-in-picture, watch one TV channel when recording three others or 'Open additional TV window' function to give up to four live TV windows on your PC screen.

Type C

WinTV-quadHD USB is powered by USB Type C

USB Type C: more power, faster throughput!
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Technical specifications


  • Supported TV standards:
    • ATSC HD TV
  • Stereo / dual channel sound
  • Antenna input: F connector
  • USB Type C (USB Type A to USB Tybe C cable supplied)
  • Size: 3.94" x 4.1" x 1.1" (10cm x 10.4cm x 2.7cm)
  • Power: 5v @ 1a

TV recording formats

  • Transport stream (the original transmitted format, without any quality loss)

System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows 10, 8, 7® or Windows Vista with latest Service Pack, 1 GB RAM
  • Minimum processor: Core2Duo 2.93Ghz or faster
    Note: If your PC is not fast enough, you might see jerky live TV video, but your TV recordings will be fine.
  • Sound and graphics with support for DirectX® 9 or higher
  • USB Type 3.0 port
  • Internet connection for software updates and activations 

WinTV-quadHD USB Model Numbers

model 01682: WinTV-quadHD USB
with built-in IR receiver, WinTV v10 application (download), 1 meter USB Type A to USB Type C cable and Hauppauge remote control.

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