Four Tuners for ATSC/QAM

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model 01609


WinTV-quadHD board

  • A four tuner HD digital TV tuner for your Windows PC. Four tuners for ATSC and clear QAM digital TV
  • Half height PCI Express board for full height and half height chassis
  • Record one TV program while watching up to three more TV channels.
  • Record up to four TV programs at the same time
  • Have picture-in-picture using the included WinTV v8 application
  • Or have up to four complete TV windows on your PC screen at the same time!

WinTV-quadHD: Included in the box

  • WinTV-quadHD PCIe board, with four ATSC/QAM tuners
  • Half height and full height brackets
  • WinTV v8.5 application (download)
  • IR receiver cable
  • Hauppauge remote control